Welcome to Lemon Tree Cakes new blog! Here I hope to give you a little insight into  what inspires me and my business by sharing recipes, tips and sneak peeks at whats happening at Lemon Tree Cakes as well as guest blog posts.

I was born and bought up in Pune, India and my mother used to bring home cupcakes as treats for me. I think I lived on sugar all through my childhood years. These little cupcakes from the local bakery were something I would look forward to every week.  

Back home in India we did not have an oven, we never needed one, there was always the local bakery if we needed bread, or cakes. I had never seen one, none of my neighbours had one, none of my friends did either. Fast forward to 2015 I got married and moved to London where my husband had an oven at home and that was the first time I learnt how to use an oven and cook with one.

The first cake I ever baked was a chocolate cake based on the one my mother in law baked for my birthday. It was the most delicious home made cake I had ever tasted and I thought to myself, what if I could attempt at baking a cake like this? From then on I was hooked. I used to work a full time 9-5 job then and used to spend weekends baking. I started to find baking very therapeutic and the fact that I could eat the bakes was all the more reason for me to continue baking. To be able to bake a cake whenever I want from the comfort of my own home? what's not to like about that. Living in London opened my eyes to pastry and baking and I found a whole new way to combine my love for painting with my love for baking and Lemon Tree Cakes was born. I feel really lucky to have found a way to express my self through art, and creating cakes has allowed me to do just that.  


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