Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift, launching a product or simply want to throw a party? Bespoke cookies are just the perfect treat. I can work with you to create cookies to match your theme or colour scheme. Below is some information on the shelf life of the cookies and the packaging options available to suit your event.
At Lemon Tree Cakes each and every cookie is made with a lot of love and attention to detail. Made with locally sourced ingredients including butter, fair trade sugar, free range eggs and flour and vanilla extract. All of the cookies are covered in fondant icing which is a perfect canvas for me to paint on. Once the cookies are ready they are sent out to you straightaway. This is one of the reasons cookies are made as close to your event date as possible to make sure they are at their best to be enjoyed by you and your guests.
Cookies start to dry out as they come into contact with the air around them and absorb moisture which makes them soft. Packaging cookies in cellophane extends the shelf life from 2 weeks to 1 month and stops them from going soft. Cookies will last for two weeks in standard gift boxes which holds 8 cookies and then packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes to keep them from going soft. 
When ordering cookies for weddings or events having them individually wrapped in cellophane is a popular choice as this makes it easy to include them in goodie bags, as place names or to give them to your guests to take home. There is also less risk of damaging the cookies this way.
Cookies are wrapped in cellophane and then folded over and sealed with a sticker to keep them fresh and this extends the shelf life of the cookies to 1 month. Alternatively if you do not wish to have the cookies individually wrapped they can also be boxed in sturdy cardboard boxes which are layered with cushion pads to separate the cookie layers and to protect them in transit.
Individually wrapped cookies start from £3.00 each.